RapidHeat™ Sterilizers, incorporating the advanced High-Velocity Hot Air (HVHA) technology, now feature NEW Low-Temperature Cycles for those heat-sensitive devices.

RapidHeat HVHA Sterilizers at their standard high-temperature cycles are designed to complete a 12-Log Kill sterilization of pouched instruments from start-to-finish in less than 20 minutes. Now with the added Low-Temperature Cycle feature, RapidHeat Sterilizers can offer the practitioner a choice of 3 different low-temperature settings that can process heat-sensitive instruments at cycle times equivalent to steam sterilization.

Unlike steam autoclaves that require a drying cycle to complete sterilization, RapidHeat Sterilization utilizes only energy-saving HVHA, thus eliminating the need for water, steam and drying to complete a cycle. And since autoclave drying cycles can be shortened or bypassed by practitioners to speed-up sterilization, instruments will often be exposed to corrosion and environmental contamination. The use of RapidHeat HVHA technology eliminates this potential threat and, as a result, can speed up instrument turnaround while eliminating the frequent and extensive maintenance of steam sterilizers.

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